CSS, HTML, and Java coders?

Well, I have almost given up! I really need some people who can do this and help the site.

If we can't get any coders soon, we won't be able to fix the site up to par.

So I am in high hopes that soon we get some, or we can't progress any further, all I have for now guys! Bye!!

Also be sure to sign up and look at our creation guide complete with costumes, tools, and everything LBP2 related!

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Still making levels?

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1 Still making levels? on Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:40 am


This is just a thread for the last months of LBP1.

The topic is: Are you still creating levels and building creations in LBP1?
If so, share them with us! Smile

LBP1 is not over yet, and I am sure that the LBP1 community would not mind playing a few more awesome levels before LBP2 comes out! Very Happy

As for me, I am working on my level called Draconia Cave II!
If you haven't played my first one, DO IT. just kidding, but you can if you want. Smile
The story for this level so far is this: You begin in a cave and you start making your way through. As you venture on, you begin to see mining equipment, metal doors, etc. So it is obvious that people used to be here. But where have they all gone?!?! Shocked One answer. KILLER PLANTS... That is all I have to say for now. Smile

So tell us your projects if you have any!

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2 Re: Still making levels? on Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:42 pm


Well I'm not building any more levels on LBP. I don't have my own PS3 so I have to go to my brother's place to use it.

I do have a half finished level though. By half finished I mean I've built all the pieces, except for a couple. I just have to put it all together and do the visuals.

It's a Tower Defence game but it's unlike most TD games in that the player doesn't use a jetpack. In fact, the player doesn't move at all. They're put inside a control pod instead. To select, place and upgrade towers the player actually uses a cursor (thin square outline) and pop-up menus.

All the towers are placed in grid squares, which are only defined by the cursor and lock on to the enemies. There are about 3-4 different towers with about 3 upgrades each.

Towers are; Ground-Ground, Ground-Air, Freeze tower, and a slow shooting but powerful, infinitely ranged and can be aimed to shoot anywhere by the player by using the cursor.

And I'll have to write down the rest when I get home from school tongue

EDIT: Here's the rest Smile

It also has a currency system used to buy and upgrade towers obviously. The player gets money by destroying enemies and also for surviving each wave of enemies.

actually that's about all really. Though I don't think my explanation does the real thing justice.

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