CSS, HTML, and Java coders?

Well, I have almost given up! I really need some people who can do this and help the site.

If we can't get any coders soon, we won't be able to fix the site up to par.

So I am in high hopes that soon we get some, or we can't progress any further, all I have for now guys! Bye!!

Also be sure to sign up and look at our creation guide complete with costumes, tools, and everything LBP2 related!

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Downloads Section

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1 Downloads Section on Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:56 am


I think it could be beneficial to this forum if you were to include a downloadable section. By this, I mean Banners, Wallpapers, Avatars, The Site Logo (Do we have a distinct site logo?), etc. I think this would get several of our members here to start advertising some more.

Just a suggestion. Smile Thanks.

2 Re: Downloads Section on Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:56 pm


The Alliance (Mods)
The Alliance (Mods)
I actually like that idea a lot, Since I am Medium-Novice Photoshopper I might as well make some cool stuff with it.
As for the download section, I may just set up something on a downloading website because as of now we don't have a Coder.


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